Atlanta DUI Lawyer Blog – William “Bubba” Head

Welcome to the Atlanta DUI Lawyer blog—your source for the latest news on Georgia’s driving under the influence laws. As one of the top DUI attorneys in the nation, William C. Head knows a lot about drunk-driving defense, and he seeks to share this information with other attorneys as well as residents who have been accused of this serious offense.

Attorney Costs

A DUI conviction can take a significant toll on your life. Those who plead guilty to this charge not only face expensive fines and requirements (such as paying to attend DUI School), but must deal with a permanent criminal record that could have a profound effect on their employment opportunities in the future.

Hiring an attorney is NOT an inexpensive cost, but it is most certainly an investment in your future. While not the cheapest in town, Mr. Head’s legal fees are in line with his years of experience, proven track record and reputation in the field. In addition, Mr. Head charges a flat fee for his representation based on the services performed, which means you will know upfront how much your defense will cost when all is said and done—rather than being surprised by an hourly bill.

Mr. Head’s Publications

After realizing that many of his clients asked the same questions regarding their DUI cases, Mr. Head decided to write a book on drunk-driving defense for the average person—and, thus, The DUI Book: The Citizens Guide to a DUI Charge was born. This popular publication has been adapted for several state-specific editions, with Mr. Head acting as the co-author. He is also the co-author (with the late Reese I. Joye, Jr.) of 101 Ways to Avoid a Drunk Driving Conviction.

How Mr. Head Wins DUI Cases

When asked how he is able to successfully resolve so many of his clients’ cases, Mr. Head answers with one word: “preparation.” With a strong background in field sobriety testing and the Georgia breathalyzer, Mr. Head knows how to find critical information that is beneficial to his clients’ cases,  which allows him to be much more knowledgeable about the case than the prosecutor and law enforcement. This, in turn, gives him the upper hand when negotiating the reduction of his clients’ charges as well as challenging the evidence in a case.

Dealing with DUI-Related Stress

As you know, driving under the influence isn’t a crime that’s committed by bad people—it’s a mistake that can happen when a person has even one drink too many. In addition, the evidence in DUI cases isn’t always accurate—causing some individuals to plead guilty to their charge even when they shouldn’t.

Stress, guilt and anxiety are all common emotions caused by a DUI arrest. Often, this is related to uncertainty. When someone doesn’t know how things will turn out, it can result in emotional turmoil. However, working with an confident DUI defense lawyer can alleviate some of this DUI-related stress. Mr. Head is personally invested in his clients’ emotional well-being, and can talk you through your case to show you that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel.

Are you currently facing a DUI offense? If so, please reach out to Mr. Head today by calling: (404) 671-9261

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